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Raise Nutrient Dense Chickens

If you are what you eat don't you want to eat foods with the highest nutrition possible?

Learn to raise eggs with maximum nutrients.

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A Sneak Peak of the Course

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What Will You Learn in This Course?


Breeds & Flock Selection

It can be confusing when you are searching through all the breeds on a hatchery website. I'll guide you through ordering and all the lingo you'll need to know. I'll answer questions like:

  • How many chickens do I need?
  • Should I get a rooster?
  • What are the best breeds?
  • Chicken Anatomy

Brooding Chicks

Whether you receive your chicks in the mail or hatch your own eggs you'll learn how to raise healthy chicks. Your chicks are the most susceptible to disease and death at this stage.

I'll teach you techniques like living bedding and using LAB microbes to ensure a healthy terrain for your birds that prevents disease and bad smells.

Hatching Eggs

Learn the principles of hatching eggs so you can have a successful hatch no matter what incubator you use.

It takes a lot of time and dedication to hatch your own chicks my step by step tips will save you from the disappointment of having a bad hatch.

Korean Natural Farming

In the advanced part of this course you'll learn KNF techniques where instead of bagged feed you'll offer raw brown rice, bamboo (Green plant material), and boiled eggs as their initial feed. It may sound crazy but these game changing techniques will lengthen their intestinal track and improve the efficiency of their digestive system.

Psychologically train your birds to eat more greens and plant material to get them more nutrition and save you money.

Learn to make KNF inputs for their feed and water to boost nutrition like:

  • Sea Water (SW)
  • LABS (Lactic Acid Bacteria)
  • FPJ (Fermented Plant Juice)
  • Ferment feed and other food sources KNF style

Special Feed, Water,  Supplements

If you want the most nutrient dense eggs on the planet just feeding them bagged feed isn't enough! Besides teaching the best types of feed to use, when to switch to different protein percentages etc. I'll teach you to:

  • Ferment feed¬†multiple ways
  • Best supplements to feed
  • Create your own supplements
  • Nutrition, minerals and medicine for their water
  • Free food
  • What NOT to feed

Raising Chicks into Adults

You'll learn everything you need to know to raise baby chicks into adult layer chickens. Most commercial chicken farms only keep their layers a season or two. But we want to raise chicks in a way that will keep them super productive for years to come.

It all comes down to the right nutrition at the right time in the right amount. As well as allowing them to express their instincts to the fullest whether free-ranging or in an enclosed coop.

And lots more..


There's even more you'll learn like egg storage techniques that don't require refrigeration and last 18 months! We'll even get into raising turkeys and guineas as a bonus lesson for you!

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You'll also be apart of a community with the teacher and other students to help you when you run into any problems. So let your anxiety about raising your first chickens melt away, we are here to help!

Why Raise Your Own Eggs?

Pastured Eggs Are Shown to Have More Nutrients

"Both pasture-raised groups had twice as much carotenoid content, three times as much omega-3 fatty acid content, and a 5‚ąí10 times lower omega-6:omega-3 fatty acid ratio compared to the cage-free eggs."

Sergin S, Jambunathan V, Garg E, Rowntree JE, Fenton JI. Fatty Acid and Antioxidant Profile of Eggs from Pasture-Raised Hens Fed a Corn- and Soy-Free Diet and Supplemented with Grass-Fed Beef Suet and Liver. Foods. 2022 Oct 28;11(21):3404. doi: 10.3390/foods11213404. PMID: 36360017; PMCID: PMC9658713.



Frequently Asked Questions


What makes your chicken raising course different from others available online?

You will learn beginner and advanced techniques like Korean Natural Farming that focus on dramatically improving the digestion, immune system, and nutrition of your chickens. Following these techniques will not only give your chickens a longer more productive life, but also impart more nutrition into their eggs and meat. 


This course is designed for 1st time chicken raisers and even people that have done it for years. It's designed to teach the newbie step by step but also gives you advanced techniques you can add or start immediately as you get more comfortable with raising chickens.


YES! You can rest easy knowing you'll get help! Once you've purchased the course you get access to the NAR chicken raising community to support you if you run into issues with your chickens or want to run an idea past the group before you implement it.


Yes absolutely! Everything in this course can be scaled up or down. Formulas are given in and below the video to help you determine how many chickens you might want, how many fit in a coop, how much feed, what feed, how often to feed, the amount of supplements to feed and how to make them etc.


Anyone who knows how to hatch chicks, brood chicks, ferment feed and supplementary foods, Korean Natural Farming Chicks raising, turkeys & guineas, water-glassing eggs, and doesn't want help when they run into issues raising chickens.


Natural Chicken Raising Course

$149 $99

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  • Best Eggs on the Planet¬†
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
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