Natural Chicken Raising Course & Community

Learn to raise baby chicks to adults using natural methods that focus on creating robust immune systems and nutrient density in their eggs and meat.

  • Lifetime access to this course and the community
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 28 videos, 4.5 hours of lessons
  • Complete at your own pace
  • Written video notes, formulas, links, and more information for every video so you can access the information quickly if you just need to refresh your memory without re-watching the video.

Course Lessons Include:

All About Chicks:

  • Selecting breeds and creating a flock, hens & rooster
  • Order chicks on a hatchery website
  • Prevention of diseases, problems, and vaccines
  • Chicken anatomy
  • Incubating and hatching chicks

Food, Water, & Supplements:

  • Chicken feed at all stages of life
  • Fermenting feed
  • Creating nutrient and probiotic water
  • Supplements and minerals
  • Feeding scraps and other free foods

How to Brood Baby Chicks:

  • How to set up brooder
  • How to build living floor bedding
  • How to heat your brooder
  • How to build a cover for your brooder

Korean Natural Farming Techniques:

  • KNF ratios and solutions
  • KNF feed protocol
  • KNF nutrient water
  • How to make Sea Water
  • How to make LABS
  • How to make FPJ

Putting It All Together:

  • Learn to raise chicks from day 1 to moving them to coop
  • How to store and clean your eggs
  • How to water glass eggs (Long term unrefrigerated storage)


  • Brooding and Raising Turkeys & Guinea Fowl

Chicken Course Community:

  • Get your questions answered and help raising chickens from the teacher and fellow students.
  • Share all the excitement of raising chickens your fellow students sharing pictures, videos, and ideas you have.

$127.00 USD

1 hour consultation session with Steven Cornett answering your questions and creating time/money saving solutions for your garden, homestead, or farm.

Session is recorded for client to review at their leisure.